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APSU Governors Gauntlet

Last year CrossFit Clarksville and Austin Peay State University came together to provide an incredible backdrop for a one-of-a-kind team competition. Competitors from all over the central and southeast region descended upon the APSU campus in an unbelievable display of physicality. With $12,000 raised for the APSU Military Alumni Scholarship Fund last year, we are pumped to be back at it again in 2016 with a few BIG changes... First, a name change... This event is far different from any game we've ever played so we feel it is appropriate to give our event a more fitting name...

"The Governors Gauntlet"

The word gauntlet itself comes from the French word “gantelet,” and referred to the heavy, armored gloves worn by medieval knights. To throw ones Gauntlet at the feet of an opponent was the ultimate insult and could only be answered with personal combat. The offended party was expected to “take up the gauntlet” to acknowledge and accept the challenge.

This year's GOVERNORS GAUNTLET is sure to be one for the history books. THINK BIG!

Teams will consist of 4 athletes (2 male/2 female) so rally the troops and get your teams set now! 


Team Registration: $500

We can't wait to welcome you all for another fantastic Governors Gauntlet!

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