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Mayhem on the Mountain

Mayhem on the Mountain is a Functional Fitness competition that will take place at Oak Mountain State Park August 6th and 7th. Individuals will compete on Saturday while teams will compete on Sunday. Mens Rx, Womens Rx, Mens Scaled, Womens Scaled, and Mens Masters will be offered. Team Divisions will be: All Men’s Rx, All Women’s Rx, Coed Rx (must be two male and two female athletes per team), All Men’s Scaled, All Women’s Scaled Coed Scaled (must be two male and two female athletes per team). Individual Athletes/Teams will compete in three (3) workouts. The top 5 in each division will do a fourth Championship workout, to be announced.

Oak Mountain State Park is the state of Alabama's largest state park and offers a variety of outdoor activities including biking and hiking trails, golf and swimming in the manmade lake on property. With combined elements of olympic Lifting, gymnastics, and the outdoors, Mayhem on the Mountain is guaranteed to be a blast! We hope you will join us in competing as an individual or on a team in Mayhem on the Mountain!