Khristen Allen

I started CrossFit 6 years ago in 2010 as a way to stay in shape, after graduating from high school and stopped doing dance (ballet,pointe, and tap). One year into CrossFit, my coach said I should sign up for this online competition, it was the 2011 CrossFit Open. I placed 42nd in the central east region qualifying for Regionals that year.

aving never really played any kind of competitive sport I learned a lot from the experience, but also had to cut my weekend of competing short due to a back injury. Thankfully it was strictly a soft tissue injury and after 6 months I was physically back to normal, but mentally it took a year before I didn't stop and think about any lift off the floor. 

Fast forward to 2014 I was offered a spot on the CrossFit Mayhem team and we made it to Regionals and finished 7th. 

Later that year I got my first coaching job and have absolutely loved it! I now coach a Mommy's only class and love showing them that they can train with weights just like the guys. As they get stronger and more proficient with lifting it is amazing to see their confidence in themselves and what their capable of grow.

As of now I'm training and working towards making it to Regionals this year as an individual!