Kate Dial

Im a Nashville native, born and raised.  I have always been involved in sports-played basketball and volleyball at Brentwood High.  I went on to play basketball at a small school in southwest Missouri for college while getting my undergraduate degree in Nursing.  I met my husband during college(who was also a basketball player) and convinced him to move back to Nashville with me once we graduated.  Weve both continued our athletic endeavors through different platforms-its hard to get rid of that competitive drive! 

Enter CrossFit.  I started CrossFit in 2010, then dabbled in figure competitions, triathlons, and anything else that gave me a goal to work towards.  I finally settled back in to CrossFit and havent looked back!  Ive found that having some sort of challenge in life is what pushes me to be my best self.  For me, that consistent challenge happens to be CrossFit.  Its helped me hold myself accountable for what I want to do-both in the gym and in life.  If you want something badly enough youll make it a priority.  For example, people often say they dont have timeto workout and be healthy.  If Im being honest, I dont have time.Im currently a full-time graduate student working towards becoming a Nurse Practitioner, I coach once a week at my home box, CrossFit Brentwood Hills, and Im working one or two days a week at my real job as a nurse.  But I MAKE the time to keep myself healthy and fit.  If you have a goal you want to achieve, commit to making it happen.  I cant just talk about wanting to get better at gymnastics, I have to work at it-A LOT.  I cant just talk about wanting to advance in my career, I have to go back to school and study-A LOT.  Both of these are a work in progress.  Fortunately, school will end and Ill eventually start working as a nurse practitioner.  Gymnastics, on the other hand, is a whole different (never-ending) ballgame. 


There are so many small changes we can make in life to help us be better athletes, friends, wives, husbands, parents, etc.  My goal is to live my life in such a way that it inspires others to always strive to be the best version of themselves-and have fun while doing it!  I find that surrounding myself with like-minded, motivated people makes achieving my goals that much easier.  Barbell VooDoo has given me the wonderful opportunity to spread their word that nothing is impossible and living life as status quo just isnt acceptable.