About Me

My name is Karli Rutledge and I am a 14 year old crossfitter from CrossFit Rutherford in Murfreesboro TN . I started CrossFit a little over 3 years ago after a knee injury from gymnastics. I would go up to crossfit with my dad John Rutledge and watch him workout and I told him that I wanted to try it. For about three months he had me do the baseline test until I got under eight minutes. I finally got under eight minutes and started with class and working with Ryan Creque on technique and skill work. Ever since then I have had the drive to be the best that I can be. I am now trained by Christian Haynes.  It has been a long journey and sometimes not the easiest of ones either but the days that are harder than others are the ones that count the most. 


"but as for you , be strong and don't give up for your work will be rewarded"    

2 chronicles 15:7


personal PR's 

Hang squat snatch -120

Split jerk-165

Back squat -175