Ever since January 18, 1996 I have had a competitive hunger that drives me each and every day. Everything I do, I give thanks to the good Lord upstairs. My parents are by far my biggest influence in life and also my biggest fans.  They raised me with no other option but to be successful.  I played baseball, football, and basketball all through high school. I was an all-state baseball player for 3 years and all-state football player for 2 years. I had many opportunities to play football at the college level, but my heart wasn’t in football. 

I give my success in football my senior year to Crossfit. I started Crossfit the summer of my junior year of high school (2013) and immediately became addicted. I come from a 20x30 garage gym in west TN where all the magic started. A little less than a year and a half after I started Crossfit I was fortunate enough to compete at the Crossfit Central Regionals with some great people from Crossfit Murfreesboro. Iv never been the strongest guy in the gym, but I am very well rounded. I would like to think that I don’t have many holes in my fitness, but we all do and I would say mine is Front Squats. I would be lying if I said I had a favorite movement.. I enjoy every movement in Crossfit. Except burpees because no one truly likes burpees. I attend Middle Tennessee State University and I am a chemistry major trying to become a Pharmacist in the future.