I have been very active my whole life; my parents even have a video of me doing pushups with my dad at a year old!  I started gymnastics at a young age and was a competitive gymnast for 5 years.  My gymnastics career included a state championship, and an opportunity to compete on an international level.  Gymnastics was my life, so when it was time for me to quit, I knew I had to find something that would provide me with the same level of drive and competitiveness.  As fate would have it, Crossfit Coolsprings opened right next to my gymnastics gym about a month before I ended gymnastics!  I couldn’t believe how intense, yet incredibly fun Crossfit was.  I now compete in Crossfit and even got my level 1 certification for my 17th birthday.  I train and coach at my second home, Crossfit Coolsprings, along side some amazing athletes and coaches. 


My favorite lift is definitely snatches!  They are very complex and technical, like a gymnastics skill, so I think that’s why I love them so much.  And when I hit a perfect one, I feel like I’m on top of the world!


Favorite PRs:

-When I hit a 100-pound snatch

-Got 53 unbroken butterfly pull-ups

-Squatted more than 200 pounds



-back squat: 230

-Clean and Jerk: 170

-snatch: 140

-Deadlift: 265

-Bench press: 155