5 Keys to Change…


Now that The CrossFit Games Open has come to a close, we have become keenly aware of our shortcoming and areas that need improvement. You might have already made a short list of things that need to be worked on, and maybe you’ve even come up with a plan to get better. 

If your problem is fully extension on the Handstand Push Ups, then you might have the idea to simply work on them throughout the week in addition to your normal programming. Of course, there might be better ways to help improve then simply doing the movement more. In fact, doing it more might make you want to do it less, which might move you into not doing them at all. Sounds like a possible recipe for disaster. Don’t underestimate auxiliary movements to strength specific areas that can improve over all movement. 

Today, I don’t want to focus on the art of auxiliary movements but I do want to focus on what it takes to make changes in our lives…

Over the years, I have successfully and unsuccessfully made many changes in my life. I have noticed that there are some key things that have to happen in order to make changes that actually work. You will have more things specifically for you in your life that will work in addition to these things, but for the most part these are universal helps to make changes. 

Here they are, 5 Keys to Change: 

First: Document the things you want to change and the WHY

Sometimes the hardest ting to do is to articulate what specifically we want to change, and MORE importantly WHY we want to change those things. Writing them down helps bring clarity and vision to your ideas. If your why seems superficial, keep asking why until you get to something substantial. I listened to a podcast recently that talked about asking why 5 or so times until you get to the real issue. This practice might benefit you as it has for me. 

Second: Find some people for accountability. 

The vast majority of us can’t do things well if left to our own devises. We make excuses and follow our emotions rather than our plans. We need other people looking, asking, and walking with us in the change. You want to get “bigger”? Well, the easy road is to seek our Pharmaceuticals and couple that with working out. With accountability, hopefully, you have that friend that will say… “you know, that might not be the best way to go about this goal”. 

Third: Plan

I beat this drum all the time! Not planning, is planning to fail. If you have no plan, you will go exactly where you planned to go… nowhere! There are also great people out there who can help you depending on your plan. For example, I need help with nutrition and I have 27 Health and Wellness to write plans for me and hold me accountable to those plans. It’s great! Either make your own plan or find someone to write one for you. You might be able to get some help from the coaches in your local box. 

Be sure to actually calendar the plan, set timers for the plan, and/or go over the next day’s plan before you go to bed each night. 

Fourth: Set your baseline

Take pictures, measurements, note movement limitations, and/or numbers. Knowing where you are starting will be key when you can’t seem to “see” the changes. Numbers don’t lie and neither will that baseline as you compare to the weeks moving forward. Also, test your mobility often if your goals are physical. Sometimes you might not see physical change but your mobility might be drastically different. 

Fifth: Celebrate the wins!

I don’t care how big or small of an improvement you see, celebrate it! Take note, take a picture, or just do a dance. Take the WIN! Warning: sometimes we might chose to celebrate by doing something that goes against your plan. It’s up to you, but that might create a bad situation for you in the long run. 

I hope these 5 things help. Post below the things you will be focusing on in the coming months or years. Can we be apart of your journey? Let us know.

-Jacob: @fitby40.blog

This is me before I decided to make changes (2008ish) and then a picture of me a couple of months ago.