It's Finally Time!


It’s this week… it’s finally time.

The Open is upon us. 

This is the time of year when the whole world of CrossFit pauses to workout together in a weekly WOD. 

Although he CrossFit games are not CrossFit, The Open is all CrossFit. The Open is a part of the weekly grind in your local box for five weeks, and it’s for EVERYONE! 

Sure, the majority of people don’t compete or participate in the Open because they think they will go to the games. However we do all compete to be a part of the world of CrossFit. We all show up to compete in the Open to see the miracles and the first-times happen. When someone gets so jazzed that they do what they previously thought to be impossible… that’s what we all live for in the Open. We show up to the Open because we want to scream our heads off for our friends and teammates. We show up to the Open for the party of fitness. 

I love watching people complete just as much as I love competing. This year we will see the unbelievable, the miraculous, and the never-before. 

The Open is not about what you can’t do or even how you might feel like you are not good enough. It’s about what might happen. Whether you are scaled or an RX athlete, you will surprise yourself and you will have fun! 

I’m hyper competitive and I will be able to finish ahead of other people, but that doesn’t matter. This year, I am better than last year. That’s what matters. Having participated in the Open since 2014, I have years of Open experience to see progress and that’s all a part of the journey. 

It’s not to late. Sign up for the open and order your Barbell Voodoo clothes to wear while you compete. Just because you aren’t going to the CrossFit Games doesn’t mean you don’t have to look like you’re going to the games! 

Comment below what movements you think will be involved in 18.1…