Never Miss A Monday...

I was staring at the piece of paper wondering what I would write down. The page seemed to be deeper than any ocean I’ve ever seen and I couldn’t get to it. It’s as if the words would get lost from my brain to my pen and I had no idea what to write down. I know I want things to be different this time and yet this feels like I’ve been here before… stuck and trying not to fail… Not again.

You ever found yourself here trying to write down the changes you want to make for your life? 

Maybe you start writing... 

This time it will be different. 

This time I’m really going to be consistent.

This time I’m going to do it right.  

Yesterday was my last cheat day which really was a cheat week. 

Tomorrow will be different… better… a new life. 

Tomorrow everything changes.

Tomorrow I will start my new plan… the plan that takes me to the next level. 


Monday is coming!


These are all things we tell ourselves right before New Years day and/or Mondays. Have you ever found yourself at the bottom of a fast food container or a fifth of liquor and thought, I feel awful? Maybe you feel like you have to make some changes, and after this weekend you'll start being better.

We like to think that each Monday is magical. That things can actually change if we wait till Monday to start. 

Something inside of us likes to make us believe, that this time, everything will be different because Mondays are Magical. 

How are your New Years Resolutions going? Still in the game or already given up?

Don’t worry, Monday is coming! 

Every Monday you might see various posts from athletes that say “Never Miss A Monday”. It might even be hash-tagged from a picture at the gym or box where they workout. 

I think we have two things at play here. First, we have the fact that Monday’s are the days when people like to start new things or start over. Mondays are not to be missed because they are the days of new beginnings and new hope for a different future. Secondly, we are talking about consistency. In order to be consistent, you must start the week off right. Theoretically if you can make Monday happen, you can make the rest of the week work too. 

The important thing is to start! Whether you are depending on Monday to be a magical and life changing experience, or you are trying to be consistent in starting your week off right, then Mondays are essential. 

The magical Monday can also be a make or break it day. If you miss Monday then chances are good that you are going to blow off the rest of the week as well. Have you done this before? 

No one takes a rest day on Monday. Set the tone for the week and go kick it’s butt. Be a winner on Monday and attack the rest of the week. You can do it! 

Whether its magical or constancy, never miss a Monday. Set the tone for the week and go do your thing! Today is a new day… go take control of it! 

Never Miss A Monday!


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