How the blog and podcast will really work...

As I posted last week's podcast, I realize I had misspoken about the way podcasts and this blog would work. Each week we will be putting out content from We will alternate weeks with the Blog and podcast, so each will be bi-weekly. (I said bi-monthly in the podcast... opps!)

Since last week was a podcast, this week is a blog. It will be uploaded later today/tomorrow, depending on me scheduling it correctly. haha! 

In reality, the blog will be updated each week with content because we will place pictures and such from the podcast here as well, but only every other week will we have an actually blog to read. The moral of the story... check back on the blog each week! 

If this is all confusing, just subscribe to everything... it's easier that way! 

Feel free to let me know anything you might be interested in us talking about on the blog or podcast and I'll see what we can do. We want to make sure we are providing content in which our people are interested in reading and/or listening. 

Thanks and enjoy! 


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