I played college basketball, but when I was done and when I came back home, I noticed my parents had become unbelievably fit. And they told me about CrossFit. I knew I had to try it. So I went to Tri-Lakes CrossFit, and I've been hooked for 2 and a half years now. My coaches from TLC got the ball rolling. They always worked one on one with me to turn my weaknesses to strengths and strengths even stronger. CrossFit has had an impact on my life, including introducing me to my beautiful fiancé, Suzie Pettey.

Along with getting engaged, I am currently in Nursing school, so I now live in Murfreesboto and train at CrossFit Murfreesboro and I'm surrounded by amazing athletes who push me everyday. Being able to train with the people who are closest to me is incredibly awesome. I fully expect to make an impact in the CrossFit community, but until then, I'm gonna work hard and be the best me I can be. I've always been taught that anything I do, do it 110%. If you do that, you can never come up short. 

I feel very strong with any kind of gymnastic movement. Particularly muscle ups and chest to bars. I also have been involved with Olympic Weightlifting and have a very knowledgeable coach who works with me, which translates into bettering my crossfit. I've been very blessed to come this far in my crossfit career, but I hope to expand it and compete at the highest level.