To provide a high quality fitness lifestyle through apparel, equipment and education; designed and crafted to help every person reach their highest potential.


                Fitness is a challenge

                Is it the top of the mountain, the end of the marathon, the last rep of the day.  It is the extra push to reach that goal, that willingness to lean into pain and fatigue.  A place many will not go, especially if they must go at it alone.  This…is where Barbell Voodoo began.  It started with an elite group of high school athletes training for their upcoming college athletic careers.  They were the 2% of high school athletes coming together for a common purpose.  To build unity in the group, the training team developed a t-shirt, worn only by and only for these athletes.

            That first shirt became a badge of pride.  It created a common identity, a fitness “Band of Brothers.”  That common identity enabled them to push each other for one more rep, one more pull, one more step. In subsequent years each group had their own shirt, their own identity.  Each year that shirt became part of the magic.  A bit of Voodoo

            After several years, friends and fellow athletes began to ask for an identifier/ a unifier of sorts for themselves.  It was then we realized that the true pinnacle of fitness requires not only work but support.  At Barbell Voodoo, we strive to be that support, we want to be part of your team.  Our goal is to bring you products and education to help you reach your highest potential.  At Barbell Voodoo we believe that we aren’t just a website, a t-shirt or a pair of wrist wraps.  Rather we are part of your journey.  Together, you, us and others, make up Barbell Voodoo nation.   Fitness is a challenge, our job is to make that challenge a bit easier.

We are Barbell Voodoo.

We believe there is a bit of magic in all of us…